Turn up the truth!

                    As the title suggests, we focus on that NoisyChronic, that Loud Pack, that Purple Haze classic that some just call "weed." 

      And NOT just "weed," we focus on the CRAZY amount of cash the U.S. economy could generate with a legal cannabis industry. 

Loud Pack Persistently

Persistently Loud.

Loud Pack

With any issue, a search for accurate information should be the first step in understanding. Once we have understanding, we can make an informed opinion, or as others would say, "put forth a position."


It's time to demand accurate  information.

          We have to constantly   question the economic viability of our federal drug policies and compromise toward laws that provide the best benefit to society.                              Think. Discuss. Share. Change.

We need to be noisy because we need people to hear us; we need our efforts to be chronic or else the smoke wont turn fire.

To that end, I'm going to update this site daily. I'll try to make things as accurate and enjoyable as possible.