We, rationalthinkers of all kind, need to demand accurateinformation in all facets of life.

Knowledge is Power.

And Truth is paramount to any conception of Freedom

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Point is, all of that involves planning, some level of planning. Planning is information gathering. Basically, the foundation of our action is information. 


So, so we shouldn't rely on our preconceived beliefs or outdated information to form opinions on present matters. Like everything else, we should gather as much relevant, accurate information as possible, and then form our independent positions on finding solutions. We may differ on our solutions, but we should strive to work off the same foundation of knowledge. 

I think a lot of people want to put us in our boxes and narrow us to simplistic means. When this happens, when we get shoved inside our boxes, we tend to forgot how much we have in common with all the people inside all the other little boxes inside our one big box of America!  

We need to step outside of our boxes, lower our guards, and open ourselves up to objective information.  Embracing objective truth is essential in moving forward as a nation.

There is no reason for any of us to be instantly "political," even when discussing seemingly "political" matters.

Instead, we all need to be objective and informed.

Of course we will disagree at times, sometimes many or even all the times,

but we ought all be objective and informed.

The first step in solving any problem is to gather as much relevant information as possible...  Most of us do this on a daily basis, on different levels, at different places.  When faced with a challenge, we asses the situation through gathering information, and then we act to win.  

A good quarterback reads the defense before he snaps the ball. A good doctor reviews a patients medical records before writing a prescription. A good teacher reads the story before teaching the book. A good driver reviews the route before hittin' the road.  And on an' on.