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Miles Coltrane

Education is the passport to the future.

-Malcolm X

Me, I'm Miles, and I used to love smoking pot. My friends sometimes would call me Cannabis Coltrane because I always had weed, was always smokin weed, and was always talkin weed, so to them, me, I was basically just weed; Cliff already had it or I'd go by Method, so man it's just me Miles, Miles Cannabis Coltrane.   Haha! The good ole' days!  Shit, I just had me a baby about a month ago so I had to lay off the faithful habit. I thought it would be harder, you know, to stop doing something I've done every single day for over ten years straight, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Here I am, 60 days clean and it really feels no different. I just find myself having a little more time to get things done. Unfortunately, less time reflecting, but more time productive.

Well, I guess that depends on your value system. Anyway, I stopped smoking to be healthier. And I'll without doubt smoke and eat marijuana again, right now my money is spent on baby.  I've spent years thinking about how to make marijuana a profitable enterprise for the federal government, and thus in turn profitable for the American people. I have dedicated a large portion of my life to the quest for truth, and I would like to now share what I know about weed.  You should ask, how can this guy be trusted? What are his credentials? Exactly! We should always want to know where our info comes from!!!

Me: graduated with honors with bachelor of science in Psychology/Political Science; graduated top 25% of law school class with juris doctor degree. 

I figure, hell, if I can't smoke weed right now, I might as well write about it, and share the truth. Hopefully, some people who were against federal marijuana taxation will read something I write and come around on the issue. Once I get my shit together, and get things posted, please this site, and all the information with every legalization skeptic you know!